carries (is carried by) – P128

P128 carries (is carried by)

Scope Notes

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This property identifies an E90 Symbolic Object carried by an instance of E18 Physical Thing. en WIP 0


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Identifier : P128

Domain and range

E18 Physical Thing → P128 carries (is carried by) → E90 Symbolic Object  (Quantifiers 0,n:0,n)


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trägt * de 2018-09-14 0
φέρει * el 2018-09-14 0
carries (is carried by) * en 2020-08-26 0
est le support de * fr 2018-09-14 0
é o suporte de * pt 2018-09-14 0
несет * ru 2018-09-14 0
承载信息 * zh 2018-09-14 0

: Standard label for this language


Namespace Last updated
CIDOC CRM version 6.2 2021-05-07

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Profiles using this class

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Visual Contagions 2020-05-06
Silknow working profile 2020-02-21
Visual Contagions Version 2 2020-07-01