Intellectual and Literary Life – ongoing (SDHSS)


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Project of belonging: Intellectual and literary life (SDHSS)

This namespace is ongoing and can be modified at any time. It is not advisable to use its classes and properties.

Reference namespaces of which this namespace is an extension

CIDOC CRM version 6.2

FRBRoo version 2.4

CIDOC CRM Top-Level Extension for Humanities and Social sciences (SDHSS) – ongoing

Social, legal and economic life (SDHSS) ongoing

SDHSS CIDOC CRM supplement – ongoing


Label Language Last updated
Intellectual and Literary Life – ongoing (SDHSS) * en 2021-04-28

* : Standard label for this language


Domain Property Range Last updated
Print Publication Event – C1 (0,n) used specific expression (was used for) – P1 (1,n) Expression – F2 2020-05-20
Component – C6 (0,n) has weight (is weight of) – P10 (0,1) Weight – C15 2020-08-21
Step – C5 (1,1) shall be performed after (shall be performed before) – P11 (1,1) Step – C5 2020-08-22
Step – C5 (0,n) has step type (is step type of) – P12 (1,1) Step type – C8 2020-08-22
Procedure – C4 (0,n) has procedure type (is procedure type) – P13 (1,1) Procedure type – C7 2020-08-22
Step – C5 (0,n) foresees the use of specific object (is foreseen for) – P14 (0,n) Man-Made Thing – E71 2020-08-22
Print Publication Event – C1 (0,1) created manifestation (was created by) – P2 (0,1) Manifestation Product Type – F3 2020-05-20
Print Publication Event – C1 (0,n) published the work of (had his work published by) – P3 (0,n) Actor – E39 2020-05-20
Expression portion – C2 (0,n) is part of (has as part) – P4 (1,n) Expression – F2 2021-05-10
Expression portion – C2 (0,n) has expression portion type (is expression portion type of) – P5 (0,1) Expression Portion Type – C3 2021-05-10
Step – C5 (0,n) requires the use of (is required by) – P6 (0,n) Component – C6 2020-08-21
Component – C6 (0,n) has material (is material of) – P7 (1,1) Material – E57 2020-08-21
Component – C6 (0,n) has volume (is volume of) – P8 (0,1) Volume – C20 2020-08-21
Procedure – C4 (0,n) has planned duration (is planned duration of) – P9 (0,1) Duration – C1 2020-08-21


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