Scope note for the class Object Trigger Template – AR11  Back

Scope note


This class comprises specifications of projected architectural objects that detail constraints, specified as desired or necessary, that a projected architectural object should comply with, according to a documented instance of AR6 Architectural Program. The function of AR11 Object Trigger Template is to allow the specification of qualities which the realized architectural object should have such as dimension, material, function etc. The qualities specified here should be used as constraints to an architectural design activity and can be used as a check of conformity between delivered design and construction activities and documented projective requirements. For the documentation of the details of the constraints on the projected creation activity of the architectural object, an associated instance of AR12 Architectural Event Trigger Template should be instantiated and connected through the property ar15i is required object outcome


Formalized projective requirements come into existence upon the creation of an instance of AR6 Architectural Program and may be analytically documented in an instance of AR11 Object Trigger Template. An instance of AR11 Object Trigger Template is considered to stand as the valid constraint with regards to further design activities within the context of an on-going Oeuvre, unless a newer instance of AR6 Architectural Program is created to supercede it.