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Scope note

This class comprises definitions of temporal extents by quantitative expressions(S). An instance of SP14 Time Expression defines a declarative temporal interval using a temporal reference system. The identity of a SP14 Time Expression is based on its script or symbolic form (I). Several SP14 Time Expressions can denote the same SP10 Declarative Time Interval. Instances of SP14 Time Expression that exist in one SP11 Temporal Reference System can be transformed to time expressions in other SP11 Temporal Reference Systems if there is a known and valid transformation. Examples: • Temporal information in GML <gml:validTime><gml:TimeInstant> <gml:timePosition>2005-11-28T13:00:00Z</gml:timePosition> </gml:TimeInstant></gml:validTime> • 1961 • From 12-17-1993 to 12-8-1996 • 14h30 – 16h22 4th July 1945 • 9.30 am 1.1.1999 to 2.00 pm 1.1.1999