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socP3 realized - duplicate, delete



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In First Order Logic:

  • socP3(x,y) ⊃ E7(x)
  • socP3(x,y) ⊃ socE2(y)

Scope Notes

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This property associates an instance of E7 Activity with the instance of E100 Activity Plan of which it is regarded as being a valid execution by the actors holding the ‘intention to apply’. To be valid the E61 Time Primitive associated with the instance of E7 Activity must fall within the E61 Time Primitive foreseen in the E101 Intention to Apply. en WIP 0


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The delivery of a fine to a citizen in the initial enforcement period of Law 3730/2008 against smoking in public/work places (E7) realized  provisions of Law 3730/2008 of the Greek Government against smoking in work places (E100). en WIP 0
The conservation of MS Greek 418 (E7 Activity) realised the proposals for its conservation (Activity Plan). en WIP 0

Additional notes

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Duplicate property. Needs to be deleted. en WIP 0

Identifier : socP3

Domain and range

E7 Activity → socP3 realized - duplicate, delete → socE2 Activity Plan


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realized - duplicate, delete * en 2019-12-17 0

: Standard label for this language


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CRMsoc version 0.1 ongoing 2019-12-04

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