Profile standard label Project of belonging Start date End date Last updated
Social interactions of persons Historical Data Management and Interoperability (HistDMI) 2020-04-18
Visual Contagions Visual Contagions 2020-05-06
Intellectual and literary life Intellectual and literary life (HistDMI) 2020-05-28
Atlas of states Atlas of States 2020-06-11
Visual Contagions Version 2 Visual Contagions 2020-07-01
city_space test 2020-07-02
Nouveau profile pour le projetXXXh - xxxxxx ProjetXXXh 2020-07-21
Physical man-made objects and basic information about them Historical Data Management and Interoperability (HistDMI) 2020-08-24
Silknow generic SILKNOW 2019-09-23
REFOVOTE work in progess REFOVOTE 2019-09-27
ArtandArchHist ArtandArchHist 2020-09-26
Brouillon ontome MD Crotone 2020-10-27
Geovistory Generic Historical Information Profile Geovistory 2019-11-20
Circonscriptions administratives de France Historique des unités administratives françaises 2020-11-27
OntoME Linked Pasts V profile OntoME sandbox project 2019-12-11
HisArc-RDF Marges arides de Syrie HisArc-RDF 2020-12-07
Geovistory Basics Geovistory 2019-12-13
Biographical basics and family Historical Data Management and Interoperability (HistDMI) 2020-01-04
Writing of a portion of a longer text (daily diary, account book, etc.) Intellectual and literary life (HistDMI) 2020-12-21
ANR Processetti Processetti 2020-01-04
Professional life Historical Data Management and Interoperability (HistDMI) 2020-01-05
READ-IT READ-IT 2020-02-21
Silknow working profile SILKNOW 2020-02-21
histHub-Norm v.0.1 histHub-Norm 2020-02-27
SIPROJURIS - Data challenge 2018 SIPROJURIS - Système d’information des professeurs de droit (1804-1950) 2020-02-27
Maritime history Geovistory 2020-03-31
GeoHistoricalPlaces profile GeoHistoricalPlaces 2020-04-14
Economists_Lawyers Economists_Lawyers 2021-02-25